Pulaski County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard was founded in 1995.  Its members are volunteer members of the regular Pulaski County Sheriff's Office sworn staff. They participate in local and regional ceremonial activities that are focused on honoring the United States of America, the State of Arkansas, the County of Pulaski and the Metropolitan Region.

The members of the Honor Guard take part in the Posting of Colors at meetings, sporting events and conventions. In addition, they honor local public figures, more commonly their fallen comrades, at funerals and memorial services throughout Arkansas and the surrounding region.

Members of the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard must be adept at march choreography, the military manual of arms, U.S. flag protocol, ceremonial flag folding, funerary protocol and the ability to remain motionless at attention, parade rest or ordered arms for extended periods.

The Honor Guard's current dress uniform includes olive trousers with black banding, a white ascot and accented by highly polished basket weave gun belts, holsters and accessories and by appropriate shoulder cording, topped with a black campaign hat, accented in gold accessories.