Judicial Division

The Judicial Division at 401 West Markham in Little Rock Arkansas (501-340-8450) is located in the basement of the Pulaski County Courthouse and operates during the normal business hours of the courthouse. It is currently staffed with one Captain, one Lieutenant, one Sergeant and nine Deputies. (Four Deputies are assigned to designated routes for service of civil process, two Deputies are assigned to domestic abuse orders and mental commitments, two Deputies are assigned to handle executions and other writs requiring enforcement action, and one Deputy is assigned to execute civil body attachments). The office area is staffed with one civilian supervisor and two civilian clerks. The primary functions of the Judicial Division are:

  • Receiving and serving civil process (summons, notices, subpoenas, court orders, writs)
  • Returning civil process to issuing court
  • Serving/enforcing body attachments, forthwith orders, child custody orders
  • Collecting fees for civil process
  • Processing cash bonds from Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility
  • Mental and alcohol commitments
  • Enforcing writs of execution (seizing real or personal property)
  • Advertising, posting, and conducting sales of seized property
  • Serving/ enforcing domestic abuse orders
  • Provide Bailiff duties for the Pulaski County District Court, Pulaski County Circuit Courts, Arkansas Supreme Court and the Arkansas Court of Appeals as needed
  • Body Attachment Validations
  • Provide deputy for Court House Rotunda security