Judicial Division

The Judicial Division at 401 West Markham in Little Rock Arkansas (501-340-8450) is located in the basement of the Pulaski County Courthouse and operates during the normal business hours of the courthouse. The primary functions of the Judicial Division are:

  • Receiving and serving civil process (summons, notices, subpoenas, court orders, writs)
  • Returning civil process to issuing court
  • Serving/enforcing body attachments, forthwith orders, child custody orders
  • Collecting fees for civil process
  • Processing cash bonds from Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility
  • Mental and alcohol commitments
  • Enforcing writs of execution (seizing real or personal property)
  • Advertising, posting, and conducting sales of seized property
  • Serving/ enforcing domestic abuse orders
  • Provide Bailiff duties for the Pulaski County District Court, Pulaski County Circuit Courts, Arkansas Supreme Court and the Arkansas Court of Appeals as needed
  • Body Attachment Validations